95 Pounds of Hope

Image credit: fantasticfiction.co.uk

The main character in this children’s book is Gregory Dubosc, a 13-year-old French boy. Gregory is no match for the standard school system. He has been held back twice, expelled, and labeled ADD. No schools in Gregory’s town will accept him.

The standard school system does not give Gregory much hope for his future. He has no outlet for his passion – inventing and building things. Gregory’s hope is slowly restored as his grandfather cultivates Gregory’s passion to create. His happiest moments are when he is with Grandpa Leon in his workshop.

Gregory’s dream of using his hands is finally realized when he is accepted into a prestigious vocational school outside his town.

Lessons from this story:
  • Children need mentors in their lives to encourage them towards their dreams.
  • All students differ. There is no cookie cutter way to do school.
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