Embracing diversity

"Diversity is coming to your doorstep," writes Tim Gingrich in an article about our family's relocation to China. However, you need not travel to China to experience diversity. Diversity is coming to you.

No longer are "minority" births the minority anymore. Also, a study finds that Asian immigrants to the U.S. have surpassed Hispanic immigrants for the first time in history.

DiverseCity, the band 
Image credit: dbuinternationalstudents.blogspot.com

All this noise about diversity reminds me of a music group we started back in college called DiverseCity. The band, at any given time, consisted of at least eight nationalities; people from cities as diverse as Seoul and East London, Jakarta and Chengdu. We embraced diversity and we learned to appreciate each other's differing perspectives on a triad of issues.  We lived as if diversity was commonplace.  DiverseCity celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012.  Read more about DiverseCity, the band.

How are you embracing diversity in your own life, or as a family?