Choices: Examples for children

Why offer choices? You can read more about offering choices here

Find below some examples of choices you could offer your children.

  • Would you like string cheese or yogurt for your snack?
  • Do you want to walk to the diaper changing table or hop like a bunny?
  • Would you like to read the bear story or the dog story?
  • Do you want to go potty in the front bathroom or the back bathroom?
  • Do you want to have fun doing this or not have fun doing this?
  • Do you want to eat your peas first or your carrots?
  • Do you want to hold Daddy's hand and walk or sit in your stroller? Remember, they hold your hand, you don't hold their hand by tightly squeezing their hand or wrist.
  • Would you like to wear the blue shirt or the red shirt? Do you want to put your shorts on first or your shirt on first? Our daughter sometimes fusses when we get her dressed, especially when we are in a rush to go somewhere. We offer lots of choices when she gets ready. Do you want to wear the pink bow or the white bow?  Do you want to brush your teeth or hair first?
  • Do you want to put your coat on or do you want to carry it with you? 90% of the time, our daughter will quickly put on her coat when she feels the cold outside.
  • Do you want blueberries or strawberries in your oatmeal? She always chooses blueberries. Even if you know what your child will most likely choose, still have fun with offering choices and sharing control.
  • Do you want me to pick up your toys or do you want to pick up your toys? If Daddy or Mommy end up having to pick up the toys, the toys go into "toy jail" for a few days. (Appropriate for 3 years old and older.)
  • Do you want to go to your room with your feet touching the ground or not touching the ground? Our daughter is very familiar with this one and usually chooses to walk by herself.

What choices do you offer your children?