Food Drunk aka Don't Plan a Training For Right After Lunch!

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A friend recently posted on Facebook asking for ideas on how to teach adult learners.  I immediately remembered a document that one of my mentors gave me while I was an instructional coach (basically an in-house school leader who does professional development with teachers in small and large groups).  Here are a few ideas for adult learners that jumped out when I looked over the document again.  I needed this refresher as I develop teacher trainings for new and returning teachers at my new school this August.

1.) Don't plan a training for right after lunch.  The first hour after lunch is the hardest time for adults to learn (Eric Jensen).

2.) Give adult learners the opportunity to do a Quick Write.  This is something I have always done with students. Give them a Post-It note and two minutes to summarize what they have just learned.  Adults who do not summarize their learning lose it within one hour (Bob Garmston).

3.) Adults must understand the relevance ("The Why") to their new learning (Garmston). I always tried to start my student lessons with discussing why it was important for them to learn a particular concept.  It created a level of buy-in.

4.) The average adult forgets 25% within one hour and forgets 85% within one week (Bob Pike).  Make the subject matter relevant and practical!

5.) Adults need a break about every 50 - 60 minutes (Jensen).  Try elevating your elbow above your heart for 10 seconds. It refreshes the circulatory system.  Just like kids, adults need brain breaks too.

What are you wondering now?

Source: Texas Staff Development Council