Global Classroom Resources for Middle and High Schools (1st Edition)

Most of these resources include teacher instructions and student materials.

The World at 7 Billion (Math)

What Does Lady Gaga’s Asia Tour Say About the Global Economy? (Economics, Global Studies)

Obama Visits India, World’s Second-Fastest Growing Economy (Economics, Global Studies)

Blind Chinese Activist Is Center Of China-U.S. Diplomatic Crisis (Global Studies)

Attack on Girls School Marks Pivotal Moment for Women in Afghanistan (Global Studies)

China’s Economy (Government, Economics, Global Studies; High School Specific)

Why is North Korea Going it Alone?  (Government, World History, Global Studies; High School Specific)

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Culture and Globalization Units/Lessons

Global Citizenship Unit

Observing Physical and Cultural Landscapes (Social/Global Studies; Middle School Specific)

East Asia Country Project (Government, Economics, Social Studies; Middle School Specific)

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy (World History, Social Studies; High School Specific)

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