Pretzel Experiment

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Do you remember learning about the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment in a intro to psychology class?  Today, I did a similar experiment with 18 two year olds.  We had some extra pretzels from a craft activity and the kids REALLY wanted to eat the leftover pretzels. So we sat the kids around the snack tables, explained that we will give each child one pretzel.  We went on to explain that if they could keep the pretzel on their table without eating it for two minutes, we would give them a second pretzel.

The results:
  • The first pretzel was eaten by a child within 5 seconds of starting the clock (He had already eaten about 10 pretzels during the craft activity).
  • Of the 18 kids, about 12 could NOT resist the temptation and ate their pretzel before the two minutes was up.
  • Of the six students that resisted the urge, four were girls.  Yes, and of the entire class of 18 kids, there were only four girls.  So go girls (My daughter was one of them - Proud Dad!)
What are you wondering now?