Raising Citizens Who Can Think

Image credit: davidborish.blogspot.com
By Wayne Russell

My recent post, Think Outside the Bubble, inspired me to post some practical ideas on raising global citizens who can think.  Here is my attempt to make us think about interactions with children.

  • Ask children to explain their thinking when they finish a math problem.
  • Ask students questions that build thinking skills. Don't steal an opportunity away from a child by doing all the thinking for them.
  • Follow up a child's question with another question that encourages them to think.  Keep their minds busy.  Ask instead of tell!
"The more questions we ask, the better thinkers our kids will become." - Love and Logic

Here is a little Love and Logic:

Love and Logic encourages families and educators to try some of the following questions:

  • "I don't know. What do you think?"
  • "Are you sure that's the best idea?"
  • "How do you think that's going to work out for you?"
  • "Would you like to hear what some other kids have tried?"
  • "Do you think that's going to work out well or ________?"
  • "What do you think you are going to do?"
  • "Which one of these is the best solution to your problem?"
  • "Do you have enough money to pay for any possible damage?"
  • "Is that a wise decision?"

What are you wondering now?