When I think APPLE, I think QUALITY products. Hence, I naturally assume QUALITY (or at least decent) customer service for the increased expense of buying quality products. HOWEVER, today we received some of the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE we have received from ANY company! We spent one and a half frustrating hours in an Apple store, and then over an hour on the phone with Apple corporate. I fully realize that the customer is NOT necessarily always RIGHT, but today we were treated by several Apple employees like customers are always WRONG. We honestly felt like we were in a Burger King buying a burger rather than at Apple buying a MacBook.

My wife got one of her bad migraines, I have a headache, and our son and daughter almost created havoc in the Apple store. It is my hope that Apple will DO RIGHT for us (two very happy loyal customers, at least until yesterday) and we hope that Apple will work on FIXING their poor customer service. TODAY we received a very BITTER taste in our mouths and I am hoping this Central Market Spiced Iced Tea will begin to take it away.