Nap time

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By Misty

"My two year old is absolutely exhausted and is begging for a nap, well at least her body is, her brain is all about staying awake and playing for as long as possible."

Does this scenario sound familiar? How do we tame the nap time tantrums? Here are a few tricks we use at home.

Visual cues work great when it is time for a nap i.e., we close the shades. After doing this our little one says "It's dark, time to sleep." What an easy way to train your child! Use this every day as part of your nap time routine.

Just like a bedtime routine is important, also create a predictable nap time routine. Our nap time routine is a lot shorter than our bedtime routine. It includes darkening the house, going potty, changing into comfortable clothes, and getting tucked in.

Another important fact to remember is that you cannot make a child sleep. You can only make them rest. In our house we tell our daughter she needs to rest and that she must stay in her bed (for at least two hours). This usually results in her falling asleep from the quiet stillness created in her room.

Remember, a well rested child is a happy child. And a happy child makes for a happy home.