Should we let our child make mistakes? Mess up? YES!

This post was inspired by recent lessons in our young married Sunday school class. 

The following is a challenging, yet powerful, prayer to pray:

"I pray that my son and daughter make lots of mistakes when they are young and when the price tag (consequence) is small, so they are prepared to make good choices and solid decisions when they are no longer under their parent's care; and when the price tag could potentially be life or death."

My prayer continues with something like: "I pray for strength and wisdom to hold back when mistakes are made. Let us me get in the way of my son and daughter learning value lessons in making choices and decisions."


Do not protect your child from mistakes (Obviously, it is another issue if the situation is a safety concern). If we over-shield our child while they are young, they will run to us when they reach young adulthood for our protection and support.

Basically, if we always rescue a child during the first 18 years of life, the child may come to expect rescue during adulthood. Additionally, as parents, we will be in the habit of rescuing and will voluntarily extend our hand of help when our adult child is experiencing a challenging situation i.e., loss of employment, unable to pay college tuition or living expenses.

Our job as parents is to prepare our children to be independent and responsible citizens. Let's not hold them back.

With something to think about,

Mr. Russell