Time-Out for Toddlers (And Preschoolers)

Image credit: blog.klm.com

When our daughter needs a time-out, usually for a tantrum, we simply respond: "Please go to your room and come out when you are sweet."

Upon any resistance we reply, "Do you want to go to your room with your feet on the ground or off the ground?" We basically give our daughter the option to either walk to her room or for us to physically carry her there.

Once our daughter is in her room we give her one more choice: "Would you like your door open or closed?"

Offering various choices gives her some power in the situation and in turn diffuses some of the frustration she is feeling at the time.

Try it and see what you think. You may need to repeat the simple procedure a couple of times for your child to realize what you mean by coming out with a sweet attitude. Have fun with it!

Go here for more on offering choices. And here for examples of choices.

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.