We have started a little project. My wife, Misty, and I are collecting short personal stories of friends and family members.  Life stories OR specific stories of a significant life event/change in thinking, etc.  I have placed links to a few story examples below.  Our motivation: Everyone has a story or two or three PLUS we can all learn something from each other.

We would love to include YOUR STORY.

Here is how it works:

- You pick the content of the story, whether your life story or an event/topic.
- Write it in exactly 100 words.  This makes it not too long, not too short. Be prepared to edit it a few times, taking out extra words or adding some to make it exactly 100 words. Can be tricky, but definitely doable. Complete sentences not required.
- Send us your story in a Facebook Private Message and we will include it in the growing collection. The stories are being housed on the Waxing and Wayning website and may make it into a little book/booklet. We would love to share such a book with friends and family and especially with our two kiddos when they can read. Their are so many life lessons in all these stories.
- Stories can remain anonymous, if desired.

Story examples:

We look forward to reading your story.


Wayne Russell