No inspiration

I am sitting here at 31,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. I am definitely tired, but cannot sleep. Fellow international travelers, you know exactly what I mean. Watching a movie or reading a book does not sound at all entertaining right now. I want to write. But, here I am, empty, with no inspiration on what to write about (I have already poured out my frustrations in a previous note I wrote an hour or two ago).

The only inspiration is my appetite for writing. I am currently reading Stephen King's book about the art of writing. It has been an entertaining read (My only complaint so far is the fowl language sprinkled through the book). The one thing I have learned so far is how King's persistence to keep trying, to keep writing, is what has made him into the writer he is today. He has had his fair share of rejection letters. While teaching, I always taught my students that one of the keys to success is the habit of persistence. You keep trying to figure out long division, you keep trying to internalize the steps of the scientific method. You try and try again and again.

Now, back to praying that our three year old daughter falls asleep in her airplane chair very soon. She is persistently trying to stay awake on this 14 hour flight. Fighting sleep 101. So help me God.