Thankful List - Jan 2013

Day 1: Thankful for a new year and new beginnings. May '13 be the luckiest year of our lives. #365thankfulDays

Day 2: Thankful for little things: goodbye kisses from Misty, Livia and Liam; heat lamps in bathrooms for chilly mornings. #365thankfulDays

Day 3: Although we have not had our typical two week winter holiday this year, I am thankful for the many LONG WEEKENDS. #365thankfulDays

Day 3.1: Thankful for many great teachers at our school. You are instruments of inspiration. Thank you for inspiring me and your students. #365thankfulDays

Day 4: Thankful for 33 years of life & good health. Remembering D.K. & M.K. whose lives were cut way too short. U r missed! #365thankfulDays

Day 5: Thankful for opportunities to visit nice places. Loving Suzhou! Smaller city, comfortable hotel, awesome sights. #365thankfulDays

Day 6: Thankful for warm clothing. Traveling through China during the winter demands many layers of warmth. #365thankfulDays

DAY 7: Thankful for a hair salon down the road that charges $2.50 for a shampoo, scalp massage and upper body massage. #365thankfulDays

Day 8: Thankful to live right across from the school. Less than 5 minutes door to door. #365thankfulDays

Day 9: Thankful that my Mom was here with us all. It was awesome having her with us. Livia and Liam will definitely miss their Ouma! #365thankfulDays

Day 10: Thankful for Thursdays. Try to go home every Thursday for lunch with the fam. It makes the week go a little faster. #365thankfulDays

Day 11: Thankful for an imported food store down the road (Abundance). Tortilla chips for nachos, cocoa powder for cakes. #365thankfulDays

Day 12: Thankful for five years of marriage. I love you Skattie! Happy anniversary and have a great day.  #365thankfulDays

Day 13: Thankful to friends who share their membership cards to nice places. We had another great experience at Jumeirah. #365thankfulDays

Day 14: Thankful for VPN. Without a reliable VPN connection I would not be able to tweet, post or blog here in China. #365thankfulDays

Day 15: Thankful my sister and brother-in-law made it safely through the first trimester of their first pregnancy. #365thankfulDays

Day 16: Thankful for reliable transportation for quick trips to the store, post office and bank. Thank you bicycle. #365thankfulDays

Day 17: Thankful for TRANSLATORS - people who want to practice their English so I can understand their Chinese. Thank you! #365thankfulDays

Day 18: Thankful its Friday! Its been a long, but good, week. #365thankfulDays

Day 19: Thankful for the Smiths. Livia is going over for a play date so Mommy & Daddy can do some flea market shopping. #365thankfulDays

Day 20: Thankful for DIVERSITY. I grew up in a mostly "white world" (Apartheid South Africa). Now my world is technicolor. #365thankfulDays

Day 21: Thankful for everything I can do.  I can walk, talk, hear, see, touch, and so much more. #365thankfulDays

Day 22: Thankful for opportunities to TRAVEL. Hard to believe we'll be in North America in five days. #365thankfulDays

Day 23: Thankful for cat naps. I just had a much needed little nap before i tutor a student this evening. Used a lot of energy today. #365thankfulDays

Day 24: Thankful for an awesome Semester 1. Safe travels everyone over Chinese New Year! #365thankfulDays

Day 25: Thankful for TIME OFF. As an educator you work hard during the semester knowing that a good break is on its way. #365thankfulDays

Day 26: I am thankful for ENOUGH.  I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. #365thankfulDays

Day 27: Thankful for a safe trip to Dallas. Now for a good night's rest. #365thankfulDays

Day 28: Thankful for MISTAKES. Opps for learning. The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. ~ J. Powell #365thankfulDays

Day 29: Thankful for a few weeks to simply RELAX. #365thankfulDays

Day 30: Thankful for bathrooms that have toilet paper and hand soap. Sometimes hard to find in China :-) #365thankfulDays

Day 31: Thankful for good health insurance that works great in China and the U.S. #365thankfulDays