The first car I owned was a Plymouth Acclaim. I bought it for one or two grand. 

One morning I walked out to my car and it was gone. I did what most would do, questioning whether I parked it somewhere else the night before. I walked up and down the lane of parked cars. Definitely gone. 

I got to college somehow that morning. After class, I shared what happened with my colleagues at my on-campus job. Word spread of my mishap. A few days later a person knocked on my office door. "Hi, my name is David. I heard your car was stolen."

"Yes, it's still missing."

"Well, I would like to give you my car."

David was moving overseas and would no longer need his Ford Escort. It was an absolute God send. I drove the car for several years before passing it on when I moved overseas.

Two weeks later I received a call from a junk yard. "We have your Acclaim." 

Visiting the junk yard was a depressing experience. The car was mounted on bricks. All four wheels were missing. The boot (trunk) had been bent open and the car interior was trashed. My car had been joyrided. I left my Plymouth there that day, happy to now have my Ford Escort.

What did I learn from my stolen car experience:

  • Random acts of kindness do happen.