School Culture Matters

Our head of school, Gregg Pinick, recently launched a video series titled, Concordia Culture Concepts (C3). Every two weeks he publishes a short video for our staff to reflect on. Gregg's overarching message is: Culture Matters. His clear and relevant videoettes encourage me to reconsider the importance of a school's culture. I remember a favorite grad course all about a leader's role in developing and sustaining a positive school culture. 

When I think of school culture, I think of:
- the feeling I have when I walk up and down the hallways. Is excitement generated? Is there energy?
- the people I interact with on a daily basis. Teachers, parents, and students. Even janitors and cafeteria workers. Are our interactions positive? Or do they at least end in a positive way?
- how do visitors feel when visiting our school? Welcomed? Warm?
- are students smiling, having a good time? 
- are parents involved? What is the typical support level?

That's all I have for now. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.