We were picked up at the airport in a black car with tinted windows. We quickly made our way out of the city. After an hour we started driving down a series of dirt roads. We came to an abrupt stop. Car doors were opened and we were rushed into a building.

Once inside the building all curtains were hastily closed to hide the fact that two foreigners were now in the building. If we were seen, it would bring unwanted attention.

We spent time learning about the life of an underground Bible school student. Students eat, learn, work and sleep in the building. They leave very rarely. When they do, they leave in pairs. One pair leaves at a time and departures are spaced out so no one can tell how many people are actually living in the building. 

While touring the four story building, students were creating arts and crafts to help support the Bible school, others were doing food prep and some were reading and studying.

We left thinking, WOW, this community of believers is doing whatever it takes to learn more about God. Besides learning from their books, they are learning what it means to sacrifice their safety and what it truly means to serve and love one another.

An inspiring visit!