May Your Friends Be Many; Your Enemies Few

Chinese characters for friend

Why lose friends?

Over the past 20 years, I have lived in three countries, on three continents. I have been a student in South Africa and the United States. I have been gainfully employed in nine organizations in S.A., the U.S.A., and China, a few part-time jobs during college and the rest full-time (During all eight years of my college career I worked. Something I would not have traded for being a full-time student only. The friendships made in my many workplaces have become some of the strongest and most enduring).

Along my path through young adulthood and now approaching middle-age, I have placed a priority on building friendships and then remaining friends, even when separated. Why loose a friend? Yes, life takes us on different deviations, we change, our friends change, but why loose our connection?

I know I loose touch with some friends, but every time we reconnect, it is as if the effects of time and distance are nullified. We talk for hours, when possible. Today, I introduced my family to a friend made a decade ago. We spoke, we laughed, we connected once again. If our little ones were not due for an afternoon nap, we could have visited for several more hours.

Make friends, then do your best to stay in touch, so that when you do have an opportunity to  catch up, the meet-up will happen organically.

With something to think about,