10 house rules.

A few years ago, Misty was inspired to create these house rules. They are not posted on a wall, but as parents we try to live by these, holding our children accountable to follow them.
  1. If she whines...  Ignore
  2. If he cries... Love
  3. If she's fussy... Give a choice
  4. If she takes too long to make a choice... Make it
  5. If he makes a mess... He cleans it up
  6. If she uses it... She puts it away
  7. If he sleeps in it... He makes it
  8. If she dirties it... She washes it up
  9. If he drops it... He picks it up
  10. If she opens it... She closes it
Honestly, these types of rules are more for parents. We ultimately choose our reaction towards the behavior of our children.

Make it a great day,


Image credit: thebigrocks.com