How much belongs to God? 10%? Less, more?

I have been reminded and convicted that everything belongs to God. Not just the 10th we give to a church, but 100% of our money, belongings (and our time, really).

  • If something breaks, do we get angry, hold a grudge against the person who broke it? Do we forgive, but never forget?
  • If we loose something valuable, or something gets stolen, do we go into a state of depression? Act as if the world has ended, for at least a few minutes/hours?
  • How do we manage and look after all the stuff we have? Do we treat it as if we have it on lease from God?
  • How do we give, save, invest, and spend our money, God's money? Do we budget responsibly each month to give and save?

When we live believing that everything belongs to God, I feel we enjoy life more. We tend to be more positive, more relaxed, and we also often act more responsibly.

Make it a great day or not, the choose in yours.

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