I recently met a 16 year old young man

I recently met a 16 year old young man on the East London beachfront. He was asking Misty and me for MONEY. After engaging in a conversation about his educational experiences I bought him a meaty pie. This young man, WOW, walking the streets, instead of maybe reading a book. Begging for money, instead of playing catch with a father figure. This experience got me thinking of the NEEDS AROUND US. "How can I help others in a truly meaningful way?” Asking God to help me discern and focus on the REAL need. This boy’s real need was not for a few coins to buy bread. His real need was for someone to invest TIME into his life. He needs people to, yes, first buy him some food to satisfy his immediate physical hunger, but then more importantly, he needs someone to sit down with him, read a book together, listen to his dreams and desires, mentor him, build him up. This takes a level of commitment, that I myself am not ready for. God please help me. This commitment to meeting the real need is something your wisdom and strength can sustain.