NO DISRESPECT ZONE: Let's all show a little respect

*** OK, I am a little frustrated. In a somewhat bad mood. You do NOT need to read this or LIKE this. I just am passionate about raising and educating respectful children. That's it.

Here goes my rant... Again, you don't have to keep reading.

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Firstly, I am by NO means perfect at showing respect. I hate it when I catch myself being disrespectful. Raising my voice with a student or cutting up my own child emotionally. I have shown disrespect to strangers, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, even family. I try my best to act and talk like I would like to be talked too and acted towards. The golden rule, I guess. For example, I love sparking up conversations with total strangers and acquaintances, showing them a little kindness with my words and the interest I try to show in them as a person. Deliberately choosing to show respect, a little dignity. I think showing respect is absolutely critical!

I also teach respect, so I better be trying to live it. And when I mess up, I better be humble enough to say, "I screwed up, my reaction stunk, I was definitely in the wrong. I didn't respect what you said/did/thought. I am truly sorry."

Again, I am not perfect. But, it really bugs me when we are trying to teach our children to be respectful towards others and authority, and then what we try so hard to teach them in totally undermined by the disrespectful actions or attitudes of a grown adult. It bugs me, deep down. I want my kids to show respect to us as parents, to everyone of their teachers, to kids older than them (to kids younger than them), to the teller, the waiter, to everyone they meet and get to know.

So please, don't preach respect and then walk out the door and commit disrespectful acts or say disrespectful things. Walk the talk please. For my kids, our kids. And please keep me accountable to personally living a respect-giving life. If you see or hear me being disrespectful, please confront me, in a respectful way. wink.

Here's to us all being more respectful adults. Cheers.

As always, make it a great day or not, the choice is always ours.