What does respecting AUTHORITY look like?

The 'A' in S.O.A.P.: Respecting Authority

  • Show acceptance (Showing respect when directive is given. "Please clean your room." A child saying, "OK" is better than a child saying "Not now, later please.")

  • Do not show disrespect with gestures. (Smacking lips, rolling eyes, etc.)

  • Answer all written (and spoken) questions with a complete sentence. “What is the capital of Russia?” “The capital of Russia is Moscow.” “How are you?” Instead of just, “Fine,” say “I’m doing fine, thank you. How about yourself?”

  • Do not ask for a reward.

  • When homework is assigned, do not moan or complain. (This is a no complain zone.)

  • When a substitute teacher is present, all class rules still apply.

  • Know other teachers’ names and greet them in the hall by name.

  • If anyone is bullying you, let me know. (You CAN come to me, you SHOULD come to me.)

  • During an assembly, do not speak or call out to friends.

*** Special thanks to Ron Clark, author of “The Essential 55” for his insights.

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Image credit: green-leads.com