Learn ---> Teach ---> Lead (One of the learning models I encourage)

Learn ---> Teach ---> Lead

Picture this: 4th graders are currently learning how to do long division. A 4th grade student learns with mastery how to do long division. To reinforce her learning, her teacher asks her to reteach long division to a classmate. As she teaches, her learning is further reinforced. Before you know it, she begins to lead the way, first in long division, and then with other math skills. Learn, teach, lead. What happened to the classmate who received extra teaching and practice on long division? She reached mastery and also began helping other students. She learned, taught, led. The learning cycle continued.

One recipe for success:

1.) Actively discover what a child is good at; the child's strengths.

2.) Foster a safe learning environment for children to teach others.

3.) Watch the magic happen. Celebrate the child's successes and moments of learning and leadership growth.

With something to try, this is Mr. Russell. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.