The next chapter

Misty and I connected with a school this past November, International School of Nanshan Shenzhen, referred to as ISNS. Shenzhen is the city next to Hong Kong and Nanshan is one of the districts in Shenzhen. We researched the school, were impressed, and interviewed. We were both offered positions and signed contracts with the school (I will serve as vice-principal at the primary school and Misty will be a learning support teacher). Since signing the contracts, we have been preparing documents for
Chinese work and residence visas as well as looking at possible apartments in Shenzhen.

Living and learning in "3 countries, 3 continents" continues. This photo is a small representation of our family's life on three continents and in three countries (USA, South Africa, and China). The photo is from last year's olympics. In the 200m freestyle, China placed 1st, South Africa 2nd, USA 3rd.

Our kids are excited about moving back to China. We are too. This year in South Africa has been an amazing year. My doctoral courses in organizational leadership are fantastic. Misty is loving her work with her student from Qingdao, China. Livia and Liam have grown in their love for South Africa; experiencing many new and interesting things. We are meeting nice people; many will be lifelong friends. We have had more opportunities to visit with my parents and family; and are looking forward to seeing them over the two-week Easter holiday.

What does life hold for us in Shenzhen? Certainly, many new experiences. It will be our first time to serve and learn in a Canadian school. The school is also a PYP, MYP and DP school (International Baccalaureate). ISNS is 15 years old and has been experiencing growth in both the quality of its instructional program and enrollment. We have identified things like ice rinks for the kids (we even discovered that the elementary school principal is a fully certified figure skating coach. How cool). Shenzhen will be different than Shanghai, but one thing remains constant: We will once again be surrounded by educators who are passionate about teaching and learning. This really excites us.

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Many blessings, 

The four of us

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