Episode 3: Doing Business in China (4:10)

This episode:

In this podcast we will delve a little into doing business in China. Specifically, we will focus on preparing yourself, or your colleagues, to effectively and productively work in other cultures.

A quick note about this podcast:

I have been blogging since December 2006 and I have enjoyed learning from podcasts for a dozen plus years. The Waxing And Wayning Podcast combines these two worlds: my love for blogging and podcasts. 

With these three-to-five-minute podcasts, I aim to inspire current and future careerists; be it in the area of organizational leadership or within the growing international education field. My hope is that you leave every podcast with a line of thinking, an idea, or a question to ponder or research; a practical insight that will impact your world of work. 

Here's to the journey.