12 guiding principles for life and work

Ideas mean nothing. Zero. Execution is the only thing that matters. It’s not what you thought about doing, it’s about what you did.

Share your progress, not your goals, and you’ll always be motivated.

Smile often. Smile so much others think you exist in a world of optimism and positivity. Because you do.

You grow rich when you seek new experiences, not material things.

There’s a difference between being patient and wasting your time.

You have to believe in yourself before anyone else does. That’s the cornerstone upon which real confidence is built.

Stay, curious, question everything, and if you want something, ask for it.

The life you experience is simply a reflection of your mindset.

Don’t be lazy. Do the work. You won’t grow from easy.

You will never lose, if you never quit.

Money comes and money goes in life, but time only moves in one direction.

Keep your standards high and don’t settle for something just because it’s available.

X: @liveyourimpossible

12 guiding beliefs quotes to live by for life and work