Pursuing teacher certification while abroad

Getting teacher certification while living or teaching overseas abroad

The minimum requirement to teach at some international schools is a bachelors degree (Four-year degree). Many schools also require some form of teacher certification and school leadership/counseling certification for leadership/support roles.

If you are an uncertified teacher, who is already working at an international or bilingual school, there are now online and hybrid certification options.

- TeachNow/Moreland University (My wife completed this program)

- Principals' Training Center (PTC) 

- PGCEi International School of Geneva

- PGCEi University of Nottingham (Cohorts available in multiple international cities) 

- IQTS (Thank you for the recommendation, Dr. Denry Machin)


What other certification programs

do you recommend for

people who are already abroad?

If you have any questions about certification programs, you can contact me on LinkedIn.